How To Ship A Car?

How To Ship A Car? by AA Car Transport

Car shipping is a kind of transport service that is acquired by most people who are in the car sales business or simply for the purpose of moving to a new location. Although this service is used by many individuals, not everyone is knowledgeable on how the market works and what important details you must look for when hiring such service.

Transferring to another country or continent is not just about bringing your transportable personal belongings with you, but also larger things such as your own vehicle. If you own 2 cars for instance and you need to move to another distant location, car shipping is the best way to avoid the stress and hassle of long distance driving. Whether you are transferring domestic or internationally, car transport services are available to serve your needs. Before planning to have your car shipped to another place, it is important that you make a good research on how to ship a car with the help of a car shipment provider.
The car transport and shipping business differs from the regular market, most drivers do their job on the road rather than in an office. Thus, they cannot handle the responsibility of communicating with customers and do other marketing jobs. Since they cannot be in the workplace, they make use of broker to connect them with their customers. Brokers are the communication channel between drivers and customers. Brokers provide customers wit details of their drivers, such as contact information, license details, DOT number, MC number and insurance validity. In return brokers provide drivers with all details about the car, special needs and accommodations to properly transport your vehicle, and pick up and delivery dates.

How To Ship A Car? - by AA Car Transport
How To Ship A Car? – by AA Car Transport

Car shipping rates depend on several factors:

  • Distance – When it comes to price factor, the distance that needs to be traveled is a necessary consideration. The average rate is $0.45-$0.65 per mile, to this you have to add the brokers fee.
  •  Vehicle Type – The type of vehicle to be used depends on the cargo that needs to be transported. Usually, heavy cars such as trucks require bigger trailers that cause more gas usage, thus, a higher price is tagged. Smaller types of vehicles have cheaper fees as trailers are smaller and gas usage decreases.
  •  Season – There are times when auto transport rates increase because of their demand. When busy season strikes, there is a great demand for car shipping and the rate gets higher than regular days. When you are acquiring transport service on a busy season, make sure that you are able to communicate with the broker at an earlier time so that you can book your transport and do away from the stress caused by delays and other incidental situations. Most importantly to have better price deals when booking.

After considering all of the above factors on your acquisition for a car shipping service, it is necessary that you include other aspects with the amount to be paid such as tools, fuel, mileage, taxes and insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000.00.

Finally, if you want to generate the most accurate price, you can communicate these important details to your transport specialist.

  1.  Condition of the car – If your car is not in good running condition or needs to be wrenched, special equipment is needed, however, most drivers are not capable of handling such type of condition. You should know your car’s condition in order for the specialist to determine the appropriate and qualified driver to handle such condition.
  2.   Modification of the car – It is important that you give more details about your car such as pick-up truck with short bed or long bed, number of car doors whether 2-door or 4-door and other car modifications.

Believe it or not all these details can and will affect the total price of your car transport, make sure you provide as much details as possible to your broker, so he can find you the best carrier and a great deal!

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