AA Car Transport – (800) 516-3440

Car Transport Service At His Best!

We’re here simply to service all YOUR Car Transport needs!

Our policy has NO HIDDEN FEES, we will give you a flat fee to transport your vehicle. The flat fee includes all tolls, fuel and taxes and we do not charge for the mileage! We understand that your car is very important to you and this is why we treat it with great care. We always try to work around your schedule and make the transport as easy as possible. We provide Auto transport service in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Africa, Asia.

AA Car Transport – No Upfront Deposit!

We will not charge you ANYTHING until you know who your transporter is. If you like the quote you’ve been given, you can go ahead and reserve it, we will work for you for FREE until we find the best driver to suit your needs. Once a driver is assigned to transport your vehicle, only then we charge a small deposit and the remainder you pay on delivery!

AA Car Transport Licensed, Insured and Bonded!

We are insured and bonded, don’t be shy ask to see our licenses and insurance.

All our network of drivers are licensed and fully insured. We will guide you and be with you from the first time you call until your car is delivered. We keep records of all the driver’s documentation and will provide it to you at any given time.


Read more about How To Ship A Car? and How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

Ready to ship your car? call us: (800) 516-3440 or visit us online and check with AA Car Transport Calculator how much it will cost to ship your car.


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